• I’d love to walk the Great Wall of China.

    • Victoria

      It would be such an interesting accomplishment!

  • This is a great list. I recently did a 4 day trek up to Machu Picchu and it’s given me even more desire to go on more hiking holidays. I love it!

    • Victoria

      The altitude levels of Machu Picchu worry me so much! I definitely don’t feel fit enough to do that hike anytime soon. I’ll have to focus on smaller hikes and build up to something at that level!

  • there are some wonderful trails in Croatia too:) #travellinkup

  • I’m not a hiker but I like to fancy myself as one. Fantasizing about doing trips like these, but they will probably stay a daydream.

  • This is such a good list – I’m a hike lover as well. You should add #11 as Slovenia as they are the European royalty of hiking!

  • These sound amazing, especially the Kaieteur Falls in Guyana!