What I’m Reading: April 2017 #1

Books: I finished Nasty Women on the bus from Madrid to Porto, which is a collection of essays inspired by the presidential election and published by a small press in Edinburgh, 404Ink.  Some essays were good, but most were forgettable.  I feel like they could’ve taken a little more time with the selection and editing process. […]

What I’m Reading: March 2017 #2

Books: I finished Difficult Women by Roxane Gay.  I enjoyed this collection and really loved a few stories, but I don’t think fictional short stories are my thing. I need more time to connect and care about the characters. I also finished When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi on the bus up to Isle of Skye.  This is […]

A Day in Dumfries

My Saturday began with a rough start.  Not really even a start, because the night never actually ended.  Not in a “party the night away and get a second wind to travel the next day while still drunk!” way.  No.  It was a “I didn’t go out on St. Patrick’s Day because I knew I […]

Glasgow Week 10: Robert Burns’ Hometown

Different week, different essays to write.  I wasn’t joking when I said most of my March will be spent writing.  And not the fun kind of writing.  The assigned kind.  I’m trucking along at about 1,000 words of day.  Onward and upwards, amiright? Saturday was a class trip to Robert Burns’ birth cottage and museum. […]

rest and be thankful

Blame it on my millennial-ness, but I catch myself being way too ungrateful way too often. I find myself getting bored easily.  Spacing out as the beautiful mountains pass.  Taking a nap instead of looking at more sheep (I love sheep). It’s so easy to think “oh it’s just another cloudy day”, “cool, another castle”, or “ugh […]

Glasgow Week 9: Y’ALL

I’ll be honest, I’m getting bored of writing these weekly updates, but I do like them because they show the passage of time.  But rule one of writing: if I’m bored while writing it, y’all will be bored while reading it. So I’m going to discuss what I’ve been thinking about recently… Accents, economic class, […]