Books are more important than ever

I read the transcript from Obama’s interview about books on the bus ride from St. Andrews to Glasgow and it really made me think. Books are so important.  This might be an overstatement, a giving-too-much-credit-to-my-time-in-history statement, but I believe that right now books are more important than ever. Books and reading are truly the gateway […]

2017 Reading Goals

2017 looks like a fake number.  That can’t be a real year.  It doesn’t exist.  I was born in the 1900’s for crying out loud, what kind of futuristic crap is “2017”? Existential crisis aside, I have big plans for this fake year of 2017.  Big, fat, reading plans. It is difficult for me to […]

What I Read: 2016

Here are all of the books I read in 2016, in chronological order. 1. Flowers in the Attic – V.C. Andrews This was the scandalous book of your mom’s era.  Read if you want to feel creeped out and mildly bored. 3 stars. 2. Looking For Alaska – John Green Re-read from when I read […]