detour to the Slovakian mountains, part 1

I’m at an incredibly friendly hostel in Bratislava, right in the old town, but I can’t be bothered to go socialize or see the city. I acknowledge how lucky I am, but I’m bored.  I’m tired.  If I see one more building described as neo-classical or neo-gothic or neo-ANYTHING I’m going to scream.  All I […]

How I Messed Up My Visit to Auschwitz

Visiting and then subsequently talking about your trip to a concentration camp is a very tricky thing.  I talked in a previous post about how I don’t know how to talk about Auschwitz; I will try to make this post as respectful, sensitive, and un-awkward as possible. I messed up my visit to Auschwitz. I’ve […]

What is left to say about Auschwitz

What do you wear to Auschwitz? Not your cut off Levi’s you bought in Valencia.  Shorts feel inappropriate somehow.  Neither can you wear your beloved Chacos.  The thought of your toes touching the same dirt that they labored and died on feels disrespectful.  Jeans, a navy top, and covered shoes it is then, even though […]

A Love Letter to Glasgow

Hey, Glasgow. Our time is coming to an end, and sadly I don’t know when I’ll see you again. It’s been a wild ride, hasn’t it?  I came to you on a cold Sunday in January, when your days were short and depressing, but I loved you anyways. I waited almost two years to finally […]

Postcard from Paris

This is a part of my “Postcard From” series, where I write to someone, whether it be my past or future self, a family member, a friend, or a guy, with the perspective that a new city gives me.   I shouldn’t have texted you. I have never regretted sending a message that quickly before. […]

a glasgow playlist

1.  Something Just Like This | Coldplay, The Chainsmokers 2. On My Way | Phil Collins 3. Weak | AJR 4. Jordan Belfort | Wes Walker, Dyl 5. Green Light | Lorde 6. Castle On the Hill | Ed Sheeran 7. Paris in the Rain | Alysia Harris 8. The Cure | Lady Gaga 9. Shining […]