A Love Letter to Glasgow

Hey, Glasgow. Our time is coming to an end, and sadly I don’t know when I’ll see you again. It’s been a wild ride, hasn’t it?  I came to you on a cold Sunday in January, when your days were short and depressing, but I loved you anyways. I waited almost two years to finally […]

a glasgow playlist

1.  Something Just Like This | Coldplay, The Chainsmokers 2. On My Way | Phil Collins 3. Weak | AJR 4. Jordan Belfort | Wes Walker, Dyl 5. Green Light | Lorde 6. Castle On the Hill | Ed Sheeran 7. Paris in the Rain | Alysia Harris 8. The Cure | Lady Gaga 9. Shining […]

Glasgow Week 6: Reading and Chilling

Picture above is from my Instagram. These weekly round-ups are starting to get fairly boring, because there’s just so much I can’t tell you. I would love to be 100% open and not give a shit (it takes a lot of self-pep talks for me to even curse online), but I just can’t.  At least not yet. […]

Glasgow Week 5: ???

Is it week five already??  Are you sure? I swear I posted Glasgow Week 4 just yesterday. What have I even done this week?  My memory is horrible and I’ve been slacking on my journaling so actually I’m not even sure what happened this past week. I slept way too late almost every day, I […]

Glasgow’s free museums are the best

I’ve spent a lot of time these past two weeks either a) at museums, b) walking to and from museums, and c) trying to find WiFi because “I swear there’s a museum around here somewhere I just can’t find it”. Glasgow has such a great free museum system and they’re all incredibly walk-able. The past […]