How a snow storm turned me into a traveler

This is my first time participating in the Travel Link Up!  July’s topic is to share your travel story. I never planned on traveling extensively.  As a kid I never dreamed about laying on beaches in Thailand or going on safaris in Africa. I always thought hostels were scary and adults without traditional careers were […]

Postcard from Paris

This is a part of my “Postcard From” series, where I write to someone, whether it be my past or future self, a family member, a friend, or a guy, with the perspective that a new city gives me.   I shouldn’t have texted you. I have never regretted sending a message that quickly before. […]

rest and be thankful

Blame it on my millennial-ness, but I catch myself being way too ungrateful way too often. I find myself getting bored easily.  Spacing out as the beautiful mountains pass.  Taking a nap instead of looking at more sheep (I love sheep). It’s so easy to think “oh it’s just another cloudy day”, “cool, another castle”, or “ugh […]

Glasgow Week 9: Y’ALL

I’ll be honest, I’m getting bored of writing these weekly updates, but I do like them because they show the passage of time.  But rule one of writing: if I’m bored while writing it, y’all will be bored while reading it. So I’m going to discuss what I’ve been thinking about recently… Accents, economic class, […]

things that make me miss home

Let’s get one thing sorted first: I am not terribly homesick.  I’m not crying everyday because I miss my family, I don’t really miss my town or university all that much.  It’s not like I experienced extreme culture shock; I’m in Scotland for crying out loud.  I just wanted to add this disclaimer in case […]

Books are more important than ever

I read the transcript from Obama’s interview about books on the bus ride from St. Andrews to Glasgow and it really made me think. Books are so important.  This might be an overstatement, a giving-too-much-credit-to-my-time-in-history statement, but I believe that right now books are more important than ever. Books and reading are truly the gateway […]

I love New Year’s resolutions. alternatively titled: we all need to be a little more positive

It’s that time of year again.  The time of year when people say: “The New Year isn’t a fresh start, it’s just another day.” “Time is an allusion.” “New Year resolutions are bound to fail.” “Only 8% of people achieve their resolutions.” (Which I’m not sure how they measure; I saw another source citing that […]