How a snow storm turned me into a traveler

This is my first time participating in the Travel Link Up!  July’s topic is to share your travel story. I never planned on traveling extensively.  As a kid I never dreamed about laying on beaches in Thailand or going on safaris in Africa. I always thought hostels were scary and adults without traditional careers were […]

A Love Letter to Glasgow

Hey, Glasgow. Our time is coming to an end, and sadly I don’t know when I’ll see you again. It’s been a wild ride, hasn’t it?  I came to you on a cold Sunday in January, when your days were short and depressing, but I loved you anyways. I waited almost two years to finally […]

Postcard from Paris

This is a part of my “Postcard From” series, where I write to someone, whether it be my past or future self, a family member, a friend, or a guy, with the perspective that a new city gives me.   I shouldn’t have texted you. I have never regretted sending a message that quickly before. […]

Glasgow Week 10: Robert Burns’ Hometown

Different week, different essays to write.  I wasn’t joking when I said most of my March will be spent writing.  And not the fun kind of writing.  The assigned kind.  I’m trucking along at about 1,000 words of day.  Onward and upwards, amiright? Saturday was a class trip to Robert Burns’ birth cottage and museum. […]

rest and be thankful

Blame it on my millennial-ness, but I catch myself being way too ungrateful way too often. I find myself getting bored easily.  Spacing out as the beautiful mountains pass.  Taking a nap instead of looking at more sheep (I love sheep). It’s so easy to think “oh it’s just another cloudy day”, “cool, another castle”, or “ugh […]