Glasgow Week 5: ???

Is it week five already??  Are you sure? I swear I posted Glasgow Week 4 just yesterday. What have I even done this week?  My memory is horrible and I’ve been slacking on my journaling so actually I’m not even sure what happened this past week. I slept way too late almost every day, I […]

Glasgow’s free museums are the best

I’ve spent a lot of time these past two weeks either a) at museums, b) walking to and from museums, and c) trying to find WiFi because “I swear there’s a museum around here somewhere I just can’t find it”. Glasgow has such a great free museum system and they’re all incredibly walk-able. The past […]

I’m here.

I’ve been awake for a total of 31 hours and counting, and that’s not even counting the time change.  That 31 hours has included two flights, walking through Glasgow trying to find a place that sells sheets, and socializing with a lot of people that I barely know or just met today. I’ve gotten to […]

My Glasgow Bucket List

Listen, I love bucket lists.  They give me clear goals and a list to refer to when I complain about being bored. I’ll have five months in Glasgow, beginning of January to the end of May, and I want to make those months count.  I’ll divide this list between activities that are specifically Glasgow-related and […]