Glasgow Week 1: the roller coaster dip

Since I do everything in the most extreme and dramatic manner, I immediately skipped the honeymoon, culture shock, and the comeback phases and went straight into unresolved issues.


Plot twist: your personality doesn’t completely change just because you’re in a new country.

For some reason I expected to be a lot cooler and more self-assured.  That obviously didn’t happen just because the timezone changed.

It’s going to take time for me to adjust.  I don’t like doing things alone; partially because I’m an extrovert, partially because doing new things is actually terrifying.  Which means everything is difficult since EVERYTHING is new.

You’d think I would have seen that coming, but naw.

I’ll get better, though.  Eventually.  I’ll be forced to become confident because I have to or I’m going to miss out.

I know my class schedule now, so hopefully I’ll feel less anxious.  I was added late to one of my classes to I missed the first session, but I’m meeting with the professor tomorrow to talk things over.  It’s a 30 unit class here, which means it transfers over as 7 USA credits.  Which means I HAVE to pass or I’ll be wasting 7 credits that I’ll have to make up my senior year.  Which is possible, but I don’t want that to happen.

Goal for tomorrow: after professor meetings, walk to city center by myself to do some shopping, catch up on some podcasts while I’m walking.

As you can tell from the photo above, Glasgow is a beautiful city.  I just need to make myself get out and see it.

  • Amber

    What are all the lights for? Is this a typical thing for Glasgow or just seasonal? Also sorry you skipped the honeymoon phase, but I’m sure you’ll settle in during the next two weeks. You’re really good at reaching out to people, even when they don’t first and I think that’ll help you to not miss out. I also have the ideal world where I get my shit together in Morocco, but likely I’ll face some of the same issues you are having, so it’s comforting to know someone else gets it.

    • Victoria

      The honeymoon phase was seeing the Scotland hills while landing…and then it was just a blur of tiredness. I’m sure you’ll at least hit the culture shock phase, though. Culture in Scotland is mildly different but it’s nothing crazy.