Glasgow Week 5: ???

Is it week five already??  Are you sure?

I swear I posted Glasgow Week 4 just yesterday.

What have I even done this week?  My memory is horrible and I’ve been slacking on my journaling so actually I’m not even sure what happened this past week.

I slept way too late almost every day, I know that.

I did my first class presentation Monday and a second one on Tuesday.  The one on Monday was my first real grade in an actual University of Glasgow class so I was terrified.  It’s a class full of seniors and they’re all super-serious and the professor has a very intense Wikipedia page.  He seemed to like what I had to say though because I got a high grade, so hopefully that’s an indication of how he grades essays.  I have three of those due next week, so my Glasgow Week 6 and 7 posts will most likely be titled “my fingers are numb from typing so much”.

My goal for this week is to go to the Hunterian Museum.  It’s literally INSIDE the university so I’ve walked by it countless times a week, I just haven’t gone in.

How is your week going? Did you hear about the Senate vote on DeVos and how Sen. Warren was shut down? Are you also terrified about the state of America? Because same.

  • Amber

    Is sleeping in late like a requirement for studying abroad? I feel like I am constantly sleeping and it is week two.

    • Victoria

      Honestly I think it is. At first I felt guilty about it but honestly when will I ever be able to consistently sleep this late again?