Packing for 3 Weeks in Europe (France, Spain, and Portugal)

Little Bits & Pieces

  • toothpaste (two of them: one for mornings and one for night with a lot more fluoride), foldable toothbrush from Boots (#nonspon)
  • Vaseline tin, tiny deodorant, nail clippers, Alieve, hair comb, razor, 28 days worth of multivitamins
  • Glasses just in case, backup contacts, contact solution, contact holder (being legally blind is annoying)
  • Concealer, powder foundation, waterproof mascara, eyebrow gel, tweezers, body spray that I got for £1 at Boots
  • Clinique lotion because I’m worth it, hand sanitizer, hair elastics, bandaids
  • Sunscreen.  It says oil free and for face but it STILL make my face super oily, which is why I’m taking the powder foundation
  • 3 squeezy tubes: shampoo, face wash, and laundry detergent
  • Bigelow lemon green tea (am I officially British now? I’m literally packing my own tea)


  • 1 dress
  • 1 pair of navy tights to wear with the dress (they were really cheap from Primark and are holding up surprisingly well)
  • 2 button up shirts
  • 4 t-shirts (the white one can only be worn under the button ups)
  • 1 pair of leggings for bus rides (I ended up ditching these right before Paris since they were pilling SO BAD and getting all over my other clothes)
  • 1 flannel button up
  • 1 sorority sweatshirt for bus rides/cold nights
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of track shorts for sleeping
  • 1 Guns N’ Roses shirt for sleeping
  • 3 bras (1 “normal”, 1 sports bra, and 1 for sleeping/chilling out)
  • 2 headbands to make my outfits a little bit different (also I’m in that awkward stage of growing out my hair)
  • 1 foldable rain jacket (Parka in a Pocket from Primark)
  • 1 pair of shower flip flops (90pence at Primark)
  • 1 pair of Sketchers walking shoes (judge me idgaf)
  • 1 pair of Chacos (I can’t even describe how excited I am to wear my babies again. They’re ugly and super American and will probably give me blisters since I haven’t worn them in so long but I LOVE THEM)

Electronics and Other

  • Kindle + charger
  • obnoxious American flag plug adapter
  • iPhone charger + cord
  • 2 sets of headphones
  • Canon point and shoot + charger
  • a tiny flashlight
  • Journal + pens and highlighters + washi tape because I’m cReAtIvE
  • cheap earrings, 2 locks, a Lonely Planet guidebook (will eventually do a post comparing Lonely Planet and Rough Guides)
  • Passport + acceptance letter to the University of Glasgow because they won’t let me back in the UK without it

I’m very glad I did this mini-trip before I go on my long one over the summer. It really helped me realize what I need, don’t need, and would prefer to have.  For instance, I bought a pair of Levi cutoffs in Valencia because it was so hot outside and I wanted some color on my legs.  I’m also really glad I packed my flannel even though I almost left it.  Flannels are very ~American~ but at this point I don’t care.  It’s great to use as a blanket on cold buses or as a casual pullover for chilly nights.  I also picked up a scarf in Barcelona, which is nice to lie on at the beach or in a park.

I packed all of this in my Osprey Porter 30L, which I’ll post a review of soon.  Is it too small?  Too big?  Uncomfortable?  Tune in sometime in the near future to find out!


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What have your trips taught you about packing?