Radioactive Girls, Fat Girls, Ancient Girls, and more… (TBR #1)

I’m not sure if this is going to become a series like my What I’m Reading bi-weekly posts, but I wanted to talk about all of the books I’m currently reading plus the ones I really want to read as soon as possible.

Currently Reading, or “why am I reading all these books at once why can’t I just read one at a time”

The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women

by Kate Moore.  I received a copy of this book from NetGalley.  It’s about the factory girls who were exposed to radiation around the World War I era and (of course) died because of it.  It’s rather long (480 pages) and the beginning feels repetitive, but I see why the author chose to write it the way she does.  She really wants to pay respect to these women who were essentially murdered and thankfully the writing style keeps things moving.


by Lindy West.  I’ve had my eye on this book since the day it was published.  I was SO excited when I saw it for one of those ‘buy one get one half off’ deals at Waterstones.  I’m about halfway through and WOW Lindy is such a good writer.

SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome

by Mary Beard. I’m making slow progress since, you know, it’s history.  But a lot of people have told me it’s good so I’ll keep going with it.

Best Poems on the Underground

I found this book at Oxfam Books in City Center right next to the GoMA.  Apparently, and I’m not from a big city so apologies if this is common knowledge it was new to me, people used to put poems in the ad space on the London underground for people to read on their commute.  I really like this collection because all of the poems are short (so people can read them between one stop and another) and it’s very diverse.  Classics mixed with modern mixed with non-Western authors.

On the Road

by Jack Kerouac.  I know I’ll like this book once I get more into it, but I might set it aside for a bit.  Something about On the Road feels like a winter book.  I need to read this book when I’m sitting on my couch at home with a fire in the background and nothing else to do that day.

When Breath Becomes Air

by Paul Kalanithi.  I know why I’m reading this one so slowly: because I can already tell it’s one of my favorite books so I don’t want it to end.

TBR, or “books I want to start RIGHT NOW but I can’t because do you see how many books I’m already in the middle of?”

I am so excited to read all these books I’m about to mention.  They’re literally staring at me from my desk right now but I can’t have more than six books going at once it’ll make me crazy.  (Having six books going already makes me crazy.)  Preferably I’d only read two books at a time: one for school and one for fun.

Difficult Women

by Roxane Gay.  Roxane is actually one of my favorite people in the entire world; I know I’ll love anything she does.  I don’t think I’ve ever read a short story collection before, so this will be a fun first.

It Can’t Happen Here

by Sinclair Lewis.  The other book that’s not 1984 that’s risen since the election.  I feel like I’m going to read this one real slow since it might just be too relatable.

Nasty Women

by 404 Ink.  It’s a compilation of essays written by a diverse group of women in response to the election.  (Will the 2016 election influence what I read for the rest of my life?  Probably.)

What are you excited to read?

  • Amber

    Book choices are on point! Also I love the concept of Nasty Women. Honestly, the term kinda feels empowering almost? Is that weird?

    • Victoria

      haha it’s supposed to be empowering now. I’ll let you know if the book is any good.